Polite Notice

It’s a bit old fashioned now, but you do still see signs posted here and there headed “Polite Notice”.  I saw one today at the doctor’s surgery/office, asking people to leave things they way they’d found them.  Explicitly asking it politely, though.  Very civil.  Very English. 

There’s a Flickr group called A Polite Notice at http://www.flickr.com/groups/917409@N25/  where you can see many examples of the form.  There’s “Polite Notice.  Do NOT Park Bikes Here” and “Polite Notice.  No Waiting.”  There’s even one that just says “Polite Notice. Thank you.”  Not sure what that one’s about, but it’s very polite. 

So this is my polite notice that I plan to post a new piece here  every other day or so in the coming weeks, rather than every single day.

I’ve enjoyed posting every day this week, but it’s left me little or no time to read other blogs.  I hope you’ll stick with me if I back off a bit, and post less often.  If you subscribe, you’ll get a message in your inbox when I put up something new. 

 Now, to tidy up some loose ends from previous posts and comments, I want to tell you that:

 * My husband liked the stuffed vegetable marrow.  I…didn’t.

 * King Arthur is now my friend on Facebook.

 See you in a day or two (she said politely).




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3 responses to “Polite Notice

  1. Sharon Minsuk

    Hi, Mary Ellen. Very entertaining stuff here! I just wandered in from a link on Ernest’s FB. Very well written, I must say! I think I might even try subscribing. (That’s kind of an honor, as I have never gone so far as to subscribe to a blog before. But please forgive me if I cancel after I discover that doing so is too much of a temptation, in my never-ending struggle with procrastination.)

    By the way, having lived for two years in Vienna gives me an additional appreciation for what you’re describing. Makes me nostalgic!

  2. I don’t think polite notices are polite at all. They are a con. Ever noticed how often they are written in cursive script so that the T in “polite” looks more like a C to the casual glance?

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