Counting Sheep: The Movies

As a follow-up to the Counting Sheep post, here are two videos, each with a funny take on the British and their flocks.

The first was filmed as a promotion for tourism in the Lake District, a much-visited area in the county of Cumbria, during the media hype leading up to the FIFA World Cup (the major football/soccer tournament for teams from all over the world, held only every four years). The referee in the film is either a well-known FIFA ref or a good look-alike.

(The song the sheep are baa-ing, by the way, is “Land of Hope and Glory”, a commonly heard patriotic song.)

I thought that was pretty good, but then Cheryl Renshaw sent me a link to an Extreme Sheep LED art video, which is going to be hard to top.



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3 responses to “Counting Sheep: The Movies

  1. Martha Powers

    Both these videos are awesome! BTW, I think “Hope and Glory” is also Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance.”

    I’d like to know how much time it took to train those sheep in the second video… and who was the genius who rigged portable sheeplights? Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture never had it so good.

    Great follow-up, Mary Ellen!

    • Surely most of it is computer assisted…? Ernest says it isn’t, but…I think it just has to be. Doesn’t make the video any less fun, either way.

      The 1812 Overture is cut, very carefully so that you don’t necessarily notice it, except that just before one particular theme comes in, just when I’m ready for it–whoops!–we skip to later in the piece. (The only reason I detected it is that that particular theme was used as the tune for the Alma Mater of one of my alma maters.)

      Yep, they’re baa-ing one of Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance pieces–number one, maybe? But when it’s sung, here anyway, it’s “Land of Hope and Glory”. Now…is the baa-ing singing? Perhaps not!

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