Welcoming new arrivals

A warm welcome to readers who’ve come here via Roger Ebert’s tweet last week. In the next couple of days I plan to add pieces on, among other things, the process we went through to get British citizenship. I hope you can check back. Thanks for reading!

And if you are reading this and you have not come in via Roger Ebert’s recommendation, you really ought to read his on-line journal (see the link on the right marked “Blog you really must read”). One of the reasons I don’t have more posts for you is that I recently found his site and have been too engrossed in his archived articles to keep writing.



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2 responses to “Welcoming new arrivals

  1. Hi, Mary Ellen, congrats on getting the attention! But could you give a link to the tweet? I couldn’t figure out how to find it on twitter.com (which I confess I never use). What did he say?!

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