Self-Congratulatory Anniversary Post

August 1 was a big day here — the 12th anniversary of my move to the UK and the 2nd anniversary of this blog.

  Of the 115 pieces I’ve posted, the mostly widely read by far was Tea at Fortnum & Mason.  That one got  1313 hits just on the first day it was up, because Roger Ebert (blessings upon him!) tweeted it.

The posts that generated the most comments, though, were about language–especially pronunciation.  Top of the list is Houston, the BBC has a Problem — a problem pronouncing Houston, that is — followed by Horseback Writing, about some difficulty I had in being understood on the phone, and mentioning the intrusive R, that is, the habit of some British people who save up the Rs at the ends of the words, which they don’t pronounce, so they can pronounce them in the middles of other words, which are spelled without any Rs at all. And the fourth-most-commented-upon post was Put the accent on the right syl-LA-ble, which is self-explanatory or, as the British say, does what it says on the tin.

I realized I’ve skipped the third most popular (as judged by the number of comments); that was Taking Sides, about the British condemnation of what the media here saw as American nationalism during the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s the only political, really the only serious piece I’ve posted. There’s a more thoroughly fleshed-out article on the British media’s quite remarkable reaction to Obama’s slip in calling BP by the outdated name British Petroleum, which I wrote for another blog: Does the Tar-Spangled Banner Wave Over a Nation That Hates Britain? But I’d much rather write about things that are amusing, and so far I’ve been lucky in that readers seem to be amused as well.

Many thanks, then, to those who’ve read and who’ve commented on posts over the past two years. If you’d like to suggest topics, please do, though there’s no dearth of ideas on the stack already.

And as of this second anniversary, I’ve begun tweeting.  If you’re interested, you can follow me on Twitter at @wordboffin (somebody already took @mefoley, alas, and my business is The Word Boffin).

In any case, I hope you can stick with me here at the Anglo-American Experience, and we’ll see what happens next!


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12 responses to “Self-Congratulatory Anniversary Post

  1. Congratulations, fellow scribe!

    • Thanks! Oh — I just realized I don’t have a link to you on my blog page; you should have said something! You’re there now, under Friends Who Write.

  2. Darilyn

    Congrats! This is a lovely blog.

  3. Congrats on your two big anniversaries!

  4. Mary Korndorffer

    How lovely that you have put up with us for a whole 12 years!!
    Your sideways view of Brits is always fascinating.
    We recently took Japanese vistors to Fortnums for lunch: it is to me what Tiffanys was to Holly Golightly: I just don’t have the long cigarette holder!

    • Aw, rats. I was going to find a cigarette holder at Fortnum’s web site and say “F&M can help you with that. You can get a cigarette holder there for only [a bajillion quid]” — but it seems they don’t sell them. Too bad!

  5. Congratulations Mary Ellen! – an excellent recap of all that you have contributed to the blogsphere this year! – all ever-interesting topics!

    [alas! I still have to add your last two posts on tea – think I shall do another mention of all of them…]


    • VERY sorry it took me so long to approve your comment. When I look at the comments, I see the ones from first-time commenters, which are waiting for approval, right along with the rest; I read what you’d said but didn’t notice your message was marked as pending approval — I would have sworn you’d commented here before (perhaps because we’ve had comment-conversations at your Janeite blog) and didn’t realize that your comment was languishing.

  6. Congrats MEF. Missed you. Missed your blogs.

  7. MANY thanks to everybody! If this keeps up (though I doubt it would) I’ll have a new frontrunner for post-with-the-most-comments!

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