Vie Hebdomadaires

This week, I’m the guest blogger at Vie Hebdomadaires, which features a different writer every seven days.

For the past month I’ve either been sick, getting ready to go on vacation/holiday, gone on vacation/holiday, jetlagged, or sick again, so there have been no Anglo-American Experience posts for some time, for which I apologize.

After that drought comes, I hope, a flood: I’ve just put up my first post, an introduction of sorts, at, and I’ll be trying to post there every day this week. Please tap into that blog if you can, to see how it’s going.

Here’s an image from that first post, just to whet your curiosity:

Hope to see you over there!



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2 responses to “Vie Hebdomadaires

  1. Malcolm

    I see they don’t provide for comments over there. Pity. It means I can’t tell you that in 1936 I, an amazingly mature 4-yr-old, saw an Imperial Airways air-liner take off from Hendon Airport, London, bound, my father murmured to me, for Cairo and carrying letters and parcels to “every corner of the Empire”. The next few years are a bit of an uneventful blur but that speck in the sky, against a blood-red setting sun, is etched there still.
    As your blog shows, airports have numinous powers, and it’s no joke that at least one of them is a staging post to heaven. (Except Heathrow, which leads in the opposite direction.)
    Good to have you back!

    • Sharon Minsuk

      Not true! The comment link is in the upper right, under the title.

      I enjoyed that, Mary Ellen. I remember watching the planes as a kid, too. It doesn’t sound quite as romantic doing it from Newark, NJ, but it was.

      Now, next time don’t fly into SFO without saying hello, okay?

      Have a great week of posts!

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