An Announcement, Enhanced with Autumn Colour

Looking across a vineyard toward the main building at Denbies in the summer; you could almost be in the Napa Valley (but it’s a little *too* green). Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Please excuse me for delaying the promised post on the William Blake/Sir Hubert Parry song “Jerusalem” by posting this announcement instead: As of last week, I’m writing a column  for the Guildford Dragon NEWS, Guildford’s independent online news(not-actually-on)paper.

Vine leaves changing colour at Denbies.

I’ll be looking in those columns at the same sorts of things I write about here, except that I’ll focus on people, places and events in the Borough of Guildford, with Guildfordians as the target readers.

The publisher has seen fit to call the column “The Eagle Eye” (not my choice; feel free to suggest something better!), and we may soon have a logo, drawn to resemble a pub sign.  The Guildford Dragon is interested in pubs—but who isn’t? I’ll probably write a certain amount about local pubs, though at the rate they’re closing I’d better hurry.  (There are none left in the village where I live, three having closed since we moved here–not that I’m implying causality there, you understand.)

More vineyards at Denbies. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The first column went up last week, though readers here might recognize most of that offering as one I made earlier (as the chefs on telly/TV say); it’s a reprise of my article on the civic procession for the service for the mayor after last May’s Mayor Making.  (Bet you can’t say that three times fast.)

After this, there should be a new Eagle Eye column appearing in the third week of every month.

More Fal–er, Autumn colour at Denbies

Now, the one rule of blogging is Don’t Be Boring, so in an effort to give you something more interesting for your time spent here today, I’ve added some photos of Denbies,  a winery in the eastern part of Surrey.  Vineyards in Britain?  Absolutely!  The first ones were planted by the Romans.  Look for a post on the Denbies winery, probably in the new year.

Main building at Denbies Wine Estate. The light-coloured tower is above the main entrance, but the wing in the foreground, painted black, houses the Surrey Performing Arts Library, which was the reason for my trip.

The winery building houses, for reasons unclear to me, the Surrey Performing Arts Library, a branch of the public library, and I was there to do research on the composer of “Jerusalem”.  With the vine leaves turning colour on a sunny autumn (Brits don’t call it “fall”) day, it was glorious; you see, I hope, the sacrifices I make to research these posts.



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9 responses to “An Announcement, Enhanced with Autumn Colour

  1. 🙂 Congratulations on your good news! I hope you can find some interesting pubs and micro-breweries!

    Looking forward to reading about Jerusalem – ‘specially about Jesus @ Glastonbury*.

    And I wondered if you’d seen this?

    * Wonder what the headline act was that year?!

    • Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply — as for Glastonbury, I thought I might leave that for a post of its own sometime, so I’ve de-emphasized it. But no, I hadn’t seen that list of British words now to be found in the US and Canada, and it’s a pretty surprising list — just in July I had a university-student-aged visitor from the US who asked about some of these: proper, and others. All it takes is for one British TV show to catch on and people will start using the vocabulary, though I’ve been gone long enough I have no idea what British TV shows are popular in North America (other than “Downton Abbey”, where we’re unlikely to hear “innit”!).

  2. Malcolm

    Performing arts and wine by the multiple gallon? Well, of course! And the Best of British to The Eagle Eye, which I think is doubly apt–to you as an American and as an acute observer. (And a minor footnote: When I grew up in Cornwall, back in the fifties, “fall” was far more common than “autumn” for that season.)

  3. Great autumn photos, Mary Ellen–and the Denbies Wine Estate building is a delight! I look forward to a piece on British wines.

  4. Candida

    Excellent news! I too think the Eagle Eye name has some good nuances. And I’m looking forward to a very English pub sign with a very American eagle worked into it; that should be fun to achieve for some artist. I notice you didn’t put in a pic of Denbies’ other, more colourful, temporary building, but trust that will come in time.

  5. Thanks (?) to global warming, there will be more and better British wine all the time.

  6. MFC

    *HUGE* congratulations on becoming a columnist. I’m glad you’re sharing your considerable writing talent with the locals.

  7. Cathy Villa

    Mary Ellen, I think “Eagle Eye” is a great name for your column! Congratulations! –Cathy

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